AvidEngineSC 1.3.7 was released into production on March 05, 2018. This release includes modifications to the batch email system and an upgrade to the City of Calgary FSII intake survey (pertinent for Calgary clients).

Quick Summary of Release 1.3.7 Changes:

Added capability to pre-screen and disable/enable batch email sending on a volunteer by volunteer basis for email batches sent to volunteer task recipients, volunteers with particular task preferences and volunteers with specific time availability (Issues 1545, 1546, 1547). The interface adds a checkmark adjacent to each recipient name. AvidEngine remembers to checkmark status for each recipient across batch send lists. (So, if a recipient was deselected on a previous send, they will be initially deselected on subsequent sends.)

Integrated FSII Survey Automation (Phase 1) allowing an iPad to be used to perform the City of Calgary FSII surveys (Pre Test). These surveys can now be collected anonymously through AvidEngineSC using an iPad.  The FSII survey can now be ‘pushed’ from the desktop client to the iOS device, allowing the new member being registered, and who is required to fill in the survey, to anonomously answer the survey questions. Answers are automatically (and privately) tallied and tagged with the first two letters of the given and the surname along with survey takers date of birth.

ASIDE: In future releases phases 2 and 3 will collect and manage post-surveys (short version) and automatically upload survey data to the City of Calgary system negating the need for staff to manually enter survey responses. 

Misc other performance and system enhancements as outlined in the Release Notes.