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Your work doesn’t stop when you register a new member – and neither does AvidEngineSC. In fact, that’s just the beginning. From activities and special events to volunteer management there’s a ton of data to keep straight. We’re here to make that part easy. AvidEngineSC incorporates all the necessary features of a comprehensive seniors centre software management platform.

AvidEngineSC is an ever expanding suite of tightly integrated software modules designed exclusively for managing the day-to-day tasks of a Seniors 55+ Activity Centre.

So what, exactly, does our platform do for you? Quite a lot, actually.

With a workflow that works the way you do, AvidEngineSC will take the drudgery, repetition and monotony out of your paperwork and tasks. Your membership and volunteers will appreciate the customized reports, the SMS alerts and the streamlined organization that AvidEngineSC delivers.

Click on any of the sub-sections below for a high-level overview of functionality.

Create & Manage Activities

Classes, clubs, drop-in sessions or special events – AvidEngineSC can help you create and manage your activities!

Specify multiple activity dates, set enrollment limits (minimums and maximums), track categories, set registration fees, assign an instructor, lock activities for members only or open them to anyone – add activity descriptions, create activity brochures, create reminder sheets and generate real-time attendance lists (based on confirmed registrations).

When your “Activities” are set up, simply register participants! Easy peasy!

Register and Track Members

Manage your membership information with ease! Add name, photo, birthdate, address, contact info (including phone, email, cellular), birthdate, emergency info (including doctor and family contacts), health limitations, dues status, FSII compliance and more. Track membership longevity, print customized ID cards, record and archive all registrations and transactions by specific person.

Enroll People in Activities

When you enroll your members in activities, AvidEngineSC automatically creates and queues an invoice for payment and simultaneously adds the registrant to the class enrollment list.

AvidEngineSC logic does not allow duplicate registrations and will not allow members without an active annual membership to register in “member only ” activities. Additionally, should a member decide to withdraw from an activity, the system automatically generates a credit memo and allows you to decide whether a full or partial refund is due.

Track Payments

AvidEngineSC automatically creates and queues invoices for payment on a member by member basis. Multiple activity registrations are aggregated into a single invoice (which is marked as “DUE”). Once the member (registrant) pays his/her invoice, you can mark the invoice “PAID” with a virtual “PAID” stamp to indicate that it’s been looked after. Issuing a refund? AvidEngineSC automatically creates a “Credit Memo” and tags the CM against the original invoice.

The AvidEngineSC invoicing module maintains standardized control over what monies have been paid and allows reporting that can tally up the total value of invoices (and credit memos) between select calendar dates.

With AvidEngineSC it’s easy to keep your activity receivables in balance! Your auditors will give you a big thumbs up!

Create Class & Activity Lists

When a member enrolls in an activity, they are instantly added to the activity “attendance sheet”. Share the attendance sheet with your instructors and they’ll know who is officially registered (and who isn’t). Each “attendance sheet” includes the contact info for the class participants (unless a participant has indicated they want it kept private).

Plus – as a bonus – each participant can obtain a personalized itinerary of all their Centre activities – something to stick on the front of the refrigerator as a reminder of their scheduled activities!

Manage Instructors

AvidEngineSC ensures managing instructors is simple and seamless. Track all your instructors and their contact information, a photo, company info, hourly fee, biography etc. Connect each instructor to the course/activity they’re teaching and automatically generate contracts based on whether they’re teaching/instructing as an independent contractor or through their own company.

Activity brochures for advertising the activity/class that the instructor is leading can also be generated. The brochure automatically incorporates biographical details for the instructor along with his/her photo.

Administer Volunteering Tasks & Reporting

If your Centre uses volunteers (and – of course you do), you’ll want to use the AvidEngineSC “Volunteering Module” to manage and schedule volunteering opportunities, where you’ll be able to schedule dates and times, assign categories and stipulate the number of volunteering spots available for each session. Once volunteering opportunities are set up, volunteers can simply book the dates and times they want to volunteer for.

And – with AvidEngineSC, reminding volunteers that they have an upcoming volunteer session is super easy. For each Volunteering task, a simple toggle setting allows you to send each volunteer an SMS (text) reminder 24 hours before their scheduled volunteering time for that task. And – it’s all done automatically!

When it comes time to record volunteering hours and create reports, AvidEngineSC makes the job a cinch. Simply navigate to the “Volunteering” tab for the relevant volunteer and you’ll see a list of all completed tasks that are queued for confirmation and reporting.

COMING SOON – The ability for volunteers to self-book volunteering sessions using iOS (iPad) devices.

Manage & Find Volunteers

AvidEngineSC makes locating volunteers a breeze. When a new person (including non-volunteers) is registered in the system, you have the option to record their volunteering preferences and their volunteering time availability. This creates a related database of potential volunteers.

Looking for a new person to volunteer in the “kitchen” on Monday mornings? Just ask AvidEngineSC who might fit!

In the “Volunteer Administrator” screen, potential volunteers can be filtered by preferred task type, availability time or last name.

Administer Donors

Our Development Team is currently (Q2 2018) working on a new module that will assist your Centre track donors and giving campaigns.

With donor tracking, your Centre will be able to keep track of gifts and stay in touch with your active donor base.

Track Inventory

Have your auditors or insurance providers asked about your Centres equipment inventory yet? Do you have an up-to-date list of equipment tagged by location with estimated values and photos? Are your inventory lists stored off-site? With AvidEngineSC they will be!

Record locations, serial numbers, condition and upload images of all your intentory and equipment. Print reports and download the data for import into a spreadsheet.

Email and Text Communications

AvidEngineSC allows you to easily contact your members in a variety of ways. Looking to send an email to all participants in a particular activity? – Just navigate to the specific activity, create a new template (or select an existing one) and batch a custom addressed email to all the current participants. Fast and easy! No need to look up the emails of the participants. No need to send individual emails. No need to import info. 1 – 2 – 3, done.

Want to send SMS (text) messages out to all your volunteers for a particular task? Yup. That’s easy too.

Want to automatically send SMS (text) reminders to all the voluteers working at reception on Monday afternoons? Yup. Easy. One setting and it will get done the day prior to the volunteering task!

Need to send an individual SMS (text) to a specific person? Of course, that’s easy too.

Generate real-time Reports

AvidEngineSC currently includes reporting capability for member stats, volunteering, invoices and activities. The following reports are included (with additional reports coming in future releases).

  • Active Membership for the current year
  • Membership Churn Report
  • Birthdays in the next 14 days
  • Previous Years Members now Inactive
  • Membership Age Category Breakdown
  • Male Membership Age Category Breakdown
  • Female Membership Age Category Breakdown
  • Avery Mailing Labels for Membership
  • Current Year Membership Cards (Blanks)
  • Current Year Membership Cards (Customized)
  • Invoice Report – Activities by Participant
  • Invoice Report – Participants by Activity
  • Invoice Report for Dues Collected
  • Credit Memo Report
  • Volunteer Hours Report
  • Summary of Active Volunteers
  • Volunteer Contact Directory
  • Find Volunteers Report

Functionality Modules

Custom Reports

Privilege Levels

Hours Saved / Month

A fluid, intuitive and easy-to-use interface ..

AvidEngine is organized into intuitive blocks of information. Modules for “People”, “Activities”, “Instructors”, “Volunteering”, “Inventory” and “Reports” allow you to locate the data you’re looking for super fast. A “tabbed” user interface allows rapid access to all of your valuable data within just two or three clicks – move from people (and an individual person) to statistical historical data in mere moments! Then .. move right back to the person record you were working on – AvidEngineSC remembers where you were.

The following screenshot gallery (with commentary) highlights some of the platform’s capabilities ..

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