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AvidEngineSC is a feature rich, cloud based Seniors Centre software solution designed to make your non-profit Seniors Activity Centre more efficient, streamlined and secure. With AvidEngineSC you can track and administer your members, activities, instructors, volunteers, volunteering opportunities, donors and much, much more!

Cloud-Based software

Cloud Based

AvidEngineSC allows for rapid deployment, instant scalability and worldwide accessibility. The platform is simple-to-learn, easy-to-use and backed by AvidForm’s premium no-nonsense customer care.

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Real Benefits – Real Results

AvidEngineSC was developed over a period of two years, working in conjunction with the staff at a busy 55+ Activity Centre. AvidEngine incorporates a wide range of features that mirror the workflow and the day-to-day challenges of administering members, activities, instructors, volunteers and donors. The primary goal behind AvidEngineSC is to improve efficiency and accountability – the net result? – more free time for staff to get back to what they do best – helping seniors hands on. Our clients estimate that the  AvidEngineSC platform saves, on average, more than 100 hours of staff time each month.

Here are a few of the direct benefits your centre will realize when using AvidEngineSC. Does your current system provide these advantages?

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The days of paper based reports and spreadsheets to manage your 55+ Activity Centre are over! AvidEngineSC will standardize your workflow and methodologies for dealing with memberships, registrations, instructors, volunteers and donors. AvidEngineSC follows a rigorous “best practices” methodology for each of the common day-to-day tasks encountered by busy 55+ Activity Centres.


With AvidEngineSC Seniors Centre software, your membership’s confidential information is kept secure. The AE platform is hosted in a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) and Connections to the platform are always secured via SSL. We maintain a strict policy to ensure robust and complex passwords are used at all times.

All data files (inclusive of backups) are stored in an encrypted format. Your data always remains encrypted and secure – both in transit and at rest.

AvidEngineSC - Secure User Management
AvidEngineSC - Manage Memberships

Staff Efficiency

With minimal training AvidEngineSC ensures that each of your front-line staff can manage all your membership and activity information in a central data repository. The result? Time savings – improved efficiency and rigorous standardization.

AvidEngineSC can save more than 100 hours of staff time monthly. That’s time you can be using to build new programs, attract more funding or work hands-on with your membership.

Data Analysis

AvidEngineSC is a powerful report generating tool. When reports are generated, AvidEngineSC queries your data in realtime, so your reports are always comprised of the latest information. No more cross referencing from one spreadsheet to another. No more counting entries on paper. Just press a button and generate your report. And – we’re adding new reporting capabilities on a regular basis!

AvidEngineSC - Reports and Data Analysis
AvidEngineSC - Mobile Ready on iOS

Mobile Access

AvidEngineSC is mobile ready! Our Seniors Centre software platform currently has beta versions available for iOS devices and we’re currently developing functionality that will allow access from Android tablets and phones, as well. (Coming in late 2018). With AvidEngineSC, your staff can move about your Centre and sign-up members for Activities using a wifi connection and an iPad!

Business Continuity

Should disaster strike your Centre, you can rest assured that with AvidEngineSC you’ll be back up and running in a snap. Your members details, transaction history, activity schedules, instructor contracts, historical stas – all safe and sound in the cloud.

Simply log-in and start working from any location.

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AvidEngineSC - Manage Volunteers and Tasks

Seamless Workflow

Repetition can be annoying – especially when it involves entering the same data into multiple platforms. With AvidEngineSC, your staff will be freed from the monotony and inefficiency of manually transferring information from paper, to spreadsheet, to text docs and back to paper again. Intuitively organized data entry screens make data collection easy and fast. And generating reports is a cinch – press a button – select a date range and voila!

Our AvidEngineSC seniors centre software solution will dramatically streamline your workflow and free your staff for other tasks.

Broadcast Services

AvidEngineSC is also an incredible communicatior. Need to contact all attendees for a particular class or volunteer activity? No sweat. AvidEngine can batch out emails or SMS (text) messages to all participants in an activity with a few simple clicks.

Want to remind your volunteers about upcoming tasks? Easy! AvidEngineSC automatically sends out text reminders 24 hours ahead of time.

No more phone calls required!

AvidEngineSC - Broadcast Services via SMS and Batch Email
AvidEngineSC - Enterprise Level Security

Disaster Recovery

AvidForm uses the world class infrastructure of AWS (Amazon Web Services) to deliver AvidEngineSC as a secure and incredibly stable cloud based service.

AWS offers unparalleled enterprise level security, performance, reliability and scalability. The AvidEngine platform leverages AWS infrastructure to ensure comprehensive, lightweight and compliant recovery processes .. from spinning up new server instances to recovering data from immediately available distributed data warehouses – we have you covered.

Client Testimonials

“The information we need is now right at our fingertips. It used to take us weeks to compile our annual statistics. Now, with AvidEngineSC, anyone on our staff can generate accurate, up-to-date numbers in minutes. It’s like having another dedicated staff member.”

Nancy S.

Westpark Seniors Centre

“AvidEngineSC is an incredibly robust system that has dramatically improved our efficiency with registrations and class enrolments.”

Janet M.

North Valley Seniors

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